Lately lots of attention has been drawn to India, and the two main reasons are tourism which is continuously growing and of course film-production. These days everybody is familiar with Bollywood and nearly everyone has watched at least a couple of Bollywood movies. Hindu movies don’t lose their charm, there is something about the music and magical colorful swirling which sometimes is hard to follow as it becomes rather ecstatic yet it is still entertaining. There is a lot to be said about Bollywood’s beauties. They are quite the sight and their true beauty combined with elegance will make your eyes feast on the silver screen. Check out these 10 gorgeous Bollywood stars.


Shriya Saran
If you think of the best Bollywood dancers, surely Shriya Saran comes to mind. She started her career in music videos. Shriya is glamorous and everybody loves here. After becoming a huge success in dancing she was offered a leading role too. Her first film debut was made in 2001 with the Telugu Ishtam and one year later the actress started working for Santhosham (2002) where she had her first commercial success. She played brilliantly in The Other End of the Line, Baabul, and Midnight’s Children.


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