There’s something uneasy about little kids in horror movies. In reality kids can be weird at times but when they play in horror movies they tend to appear creepy. Their presence in horror movies can cause nightmares for weeks. Acting is tough especially for children that ought to play in horror movies and parents probably don’t even allow them to watch those movies for another decade or so because the movies are so terrifying that they scare the hell out of adults never mind kids. But where are those little creatures that used to scare us? Do you know what the most famous kids from horror movies doing these days? Some of them continued acting and others totally switched their career and forgot that it even happened. Let’s see what they are up to now. Who is doing what.

Chloe Moretz: ”The Amityville Horror”

Chloe played a little girl in horror movie remake of the 1979 classic which was based on a true story. Ever since then she became successful in the film industry and made it to an A-list celeb in Hollywood. The 20-year-old is super busy and she has been acting since she turned 7 and practically there wasn’t a single year where she would go without a film role. She’s got an impressive number of acting credits, which is 57 to be precise. Now she decided to focus on herself after a year of  filming back-to-back movies. Chloe admitted that playing non stop sort of made her lose sight of why she started acting in the first place and that is not a good thing. She wants to figure out if it’s her true calling. Hopefully after a short break she will continue her work.