Earning big time, virtually anyone can do that. But learning how to manage your money properly, now that is another thing. Celebrities tend to commit some terrible mistakes when it comes to proper money management, and how could we blame them. After all, their strength resides at art-related activities, not finances. Here are some good examples of famous people with debt problems.


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson may be known for a lot of things: his indisputable ability at boxing, his bravery, his down-right craziness, etc. But he is also known, especially by the U.S Government, for evading taxes, still owing a huge amount of money to this very day. In the past, he has spent millions of dollars on mansions, cars, exotic pets, and so on. But once his hey-day was finished, he discovered the harsh truth: sooner or later, those debts will come around to meet you.


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